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It’s alive!

Here we go

I’ve been starting this blog post I don’t know how many times. I lost count after January.  In January, still high on the “new year, new me” motivation, I designed my blog and started to think about themes, topics and potential posts. But days turned into months which suddenly turned into a quarter of the year, and while my motivation remained high, I just couldn’t find the time to write my first post. What a lame excuse, I know. But I wanted to make sure that I would be well-prepared, that my first post would be interesting and relatable. I also thought of buying a new camera to take good pictures, to wait until I travel again so I could write about travel as my first post. I then realized that the idea of the perfect post was preventing me from getting any further with my blog. So why not just get it done? Get it over with. Dive into it. So I’m writing this while my mindset is still open to the idea of just getting the first post done. I’m not a perfectionist, so why wait for the perfect circumstances?

Why do I want to blog? 

That’s an easy one for me: I love writing and I have so many stories to tell! My biggest aspiration for my blog is that I will tell stories that others can relate to, that entertain, that are relevant, and maybe, just maybe, would inspire someone. The theme for my blog is “quests” and a quest for me is the search for a certain thing, feeling or experience. A quest can be very deep, personal and thoughtful, but it can also be as deep as finding the best tiramisu in Dublin. So with that, I hope to have given you a little appetizer of what lies ahead and most importantly, I’ve written my first blog, so WordPress will stop suggesting me to write my first post and I can finally let the creativity flow.


Until next time!



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