I’m Caroline and you’re here because you want to know more about me, so thank you for being curious!

I spent a lot of time thinking about what theme my blog should have and what topics I would like to write about, until I concluded that I should write about what I’m best at talking about: me, me, me. Ah, what makes me so special, I hear you ask. To you I’m not that special, but to me, I’m the most special person in my life. I should get a cat.

I am Vietnamese-blooded, Danish born and bred, but I moved to Dublin, Ireland 4,5 years ago to pursue a career with Google. I spend most of my time outside work doing CrossFit and weightlifting, but I also love hiking, bouldering and surfing. Ok, I just added surfing to sound cool. I don’t think board crashing belly flops qualifies as surfing. I spend all of my hard earned money on food, gym gear, and travel. In that order, but don’t tell my parents.

Other things you should know about me:

  • My nightmares are always about a zombie apocalypse and I’m obviously a survivor
  • For my 16th birthday my parents gave me a cat to help me “calm down”
  • I’m always hesitant watching movies because I’m worried I will waste two hours of my life if it’s a bad one, so I always end up watching Planet Earth

My blog is about everything I do to max out on life. You can expect to read about my food obsessions (I rarely cook, but I’m incredibly talented at eating), travel tips, deep thoughts about life (you know the kind of posts that start with motivational quotes), health and well-being, girl power and the occasional hiccup about my quest to find a man worthy enough to share food with.


I really hope you’ll enjoy reading along.

All the best

Caroline Ta